Guide to: White Collar Crime



A recent trend in media is to have criminals be of the “white collar” variety. I’d love to see more of these kinds of criminals in RPs and writing, so here’s a quick guide on the basics of white collar crime. All info comes from Google, not personal experience.

DISCLAIMER: This is an informanitive guide, not an intruction manual. Don’t get any bright ideas, putz. 

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Regardless of anyone's feelings about Draco, you made me laugh with 'dick cheese' and I'm very grateful. :) — shadesofgraczyk

*kiss kiss*

How is Draco racist? — Anonymous
  • there is a trope called “Fantastic Racism”
  • basically, it’s racism in a fantasy context
  • the most obvious example would be the prejudice against Muggleborns and Muggles in Harry Potter
  • blood purism, which the Malfoy family believes in very strongly, is a very real thing, even in our world
  • "Mudblood" is basically the Muggleborn equivalent of the n-word
  • maybe Draco’s a victim of circumstance thanks to his father, and maybe there’s room for him to change
  • but he’s quite racist 
I completely understand your Hermione/Draco thing, but I feel like if it can make a point, if the person who is bullying is learning a lesson, then it can end up really beautiful (this is in general not just hermione/draco because i've never heard of that before now). — Anonymous

It’s all in how it’s written really. If Draco gets realistic character development (but doesn’t have a personality transplant), it can work. It just rarely does.

On terms of Hermione/Draco. What if it's an AU where Draco's changed after the War? Or a AU where Draco's changing through out the years and gets nicer and more mellow? — Anonymous

If it’s well-written, maybe it could work. But most Dramione fics I’ve read either have him still be a douche, or all of a sudden be like “oh I’m really really nice now” and I’m like no you have missed the point he is a racist dick cheese.

Once Upon a Time? — Anonymous
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  • M/M OTP: Hook/Graham
  • F/F OTP: Red/Belle
  • OT3: Hook/Emma/Regina
  • Favorite Canon: Belle/Rumple
  • Favorite Crack: Ruby/Emma
  • Guilty Pleasure: Regina/Emma
  • Pairing I Hate: Regina/Cora (don’t ask)